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Pitchers Mound Clay™


Louisville Slugger® Pitchers Mound Clay™ is screened, heavy clay with a natural red color. This heavy clay has higher clay content than average products on the market. Louisville Slugger® Pitchers Mound Clay™ can be used in conjunction with other products or as a stand-alone, every day maintenance clay.  This clay can be used to construct, rebuild, or repair pitcher’s mounds, and catcher’s and batter’s boxes.

pitchers mound clay


  • Heavy clay for building and marinating pitchers mound
  • Provides playable surface that Is firm, yet percolates
  • High rate of percolation
  • Higher clay content for greater compaction
  • Easily conforms to high-stress areas
  • Great for constructing and repairing pitcher’s mounds and home plate areas
  • High density clay, which helps to reduce maintenance
  • Red in color
  • ASTM approved

Recommended Use: 

Baseball – Softball – Parks & Recreation – Youth Leagues

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